About Us

Tin Hat Labs was started in order to help people regain their privacy and security in their online lives. There have been so many privacy issues and data breaches from companies like Facebook, Google, and many others that it boggles the mind. I want to help educate people about their privacy and security options online, whether that be through their computers or their mobile devices, so that they can begin to feel safe again.

We produce thorough and easy to follow guides on how to protect yourself from corporate surveillance, government spying, malicious applications, and more. We believe in the constitutional right to privacy and that users should be in control of their data, not some corporation.

Today’s modern technology is a great benefit to society and can help us live more enjoyable lives. While you might find us telling you the best way to stay private on Facebook is to delete your Facebook account, we also realize that people use it to connect with friends and family and enjoy the social aspects the software was originally designed to foster. Some people don’t want to leave Facebook or Google and just want to protect their personal information and be in control of their data. We’re here to help with that too.

If you want to be anonymous online, you probably won’t find much help here. The steps required to obtain anonymity are complex, technical, and difficult to implement. And one slip up easily blows the whole attempt. Quite frankly, it is nearly impossible to be anonymous online. We focus on privacy and security, not anonymity.

I’ve been in IT for over 20 years, working with Fortune 500 companies and small tech startups.  I’ve worked in several different areas of technology, and for the last decade I’ve been working in software development for web applications.  

I’ve learned a lot of those years and want to use that knowledge to help you be safer and protect your online privacy – just like I do for myself and my friends and family.


Founder and Editor of Tin Hat Labs